Castle Shannon is looking for a new Borough Manager.

Turns out, there's been a lot of "new" going on in our neighborhood lately. Take some time to see why Castle Shannon is the envy of the South Hills, and be in touch if you would like to be considered for the role.

Our Location

In the heart of the South Hills, Castle Shannon is 7 miles (15-minute drive) from Downtown Pittsburgh and 22 miles (30-minute drive) from the Pittsburgh International Airport. We are a first-ring suburb of approximately 8,500 residents with 1.5 square miles of land in our municipality.

We are an affordable, middle-class community with a rich history in industry, transit and culture. We are located within the Saw Mill Run watershed and have major transit corridors (Route 88 and Port Authority T) throughout our neighborhood.


Castle Shannon operates with Administrative staff (6), a Codes Department (2.5), a Public Works Department (7), a Police Department (14.5), and some additional support staff. Our fire department is the Castle Shannon Volunteer Fire Department, and our Library is tax-funded but operates independently. We have a full-time Mainstreet Coordinator and are expanding our offerings as it relates to Main Street and Elm Street efforts.

The new manager will be responsible for general oversight over the operations of all departments (with Police Chief running operations for the Police Department).

Elected Officials

Castle Shannon is a non-home rule Borough with a 7-person elected Council (no wards). Council is the legislative and oversight body for the municipality. We also have an elected Mayor, who oversees Public Safety activities and engages in public engagement generally on borough matters.

Our municipality is unique in that our Council has largely moved as one group for the benefit of our community for decades, avoiding the political polarization that can make a Manager's job difficult. We believe it is our role to empower the Manager to enact the vision and policies our Council and Mayor is elected to set on behalf of our residents, patrons and businesses.


Our community is fortunate to host many of Port Authority's light rail stations, a critical amenity to our working-class residents. Many of our construction projects involve coordination with Port Authority, Wheeling Lake Erie railroad and PennDOT.

We are a largely developed community, but there are still a number of transit-oriented development sites that could be developed into high-density, mixed use developments. Borough Council is optimistic that our next manager will lead our efforts to realize one or more of these projects during their tenure.

Public Safety

We take great pride in the training, professionalism, and diligence of our police department. Our officers are consistently building upon their skills, obtaining advanced degrees and specialized topic training to expand upon the quality of care they bring to our neighborhood. Our department is frequently awarded with commendations and recognition for their efforts.

Our public safety partners include the Castle Shannon Volunteer Fire Department (serving Castle Shannon and Baldwin Township) and Medical Rescue Team South Ambulance Authority (serving 6 South Hills municipalities). Our residents enjoy fantastic service levels because of these duty-bound organizations and their members.


Our historic downtown is about to undergo a major facelift. The Borough, in conjunction with the Castle Shannon Revitalization Corporation, received a PennDOT multi-modal grant worth $2.2M to renovate all sidewalks, seating, pedestrian infrastructure and other design features along Willow Avenue and Castle Shannon Boulevard. This project is years in the making (since 2008!), and our new Manager will be joining as the construction nears completion this Fall.

Our businesses, residents and patrons have waited patiently for a downtown deserving of our vibrant culture and people. We expect this project to be the beginning of a doubling of efforts to maintain an active and thriving commercial community.


Our reinvestment in community assets extends into our six parks and Library as well. We are nearing completion of a Parks Master Plan, which will suggest amenities that Borough Council can budget for and deliver on in the coming years. The rendering above is of Lower Hamilton Park, where we host our annual Community Day as well as our successful Summer Rec Program for youth in the neighborhood. Our Castle Shannon Youth Association has done an excellent job attracting and developing our children through local sports.

We have also recently enacted a "Rec-Share" program, enabling our residents to receive discounts to neighboring community amenities. Our first Rec-Share partner is Dormont Pool, where our residents enjoy a 50% discount on passes.

Castle Shannon residents come from all walks of life, but each are in need of clean, safe, green and robust recreational opportunities. Our next manager must help us keep that promise.


Castle Shannon has much to boast about, but finding our many amenities can be difficult. Paired with our streetscape and future parks investments, we have invested in the design of a borough-wide signage program (early concept pictured, not final).

First of its kind in our neighborhood, the design refresh and consistency will help to deepen the pride many of us already feel for our community. We hope to hire a manager who understands the importance of creating and maintaining a favorable, distinctive image compared to other communities.


The provision of public services is evolving. What used to be done in person, in spreadsheets and on the phone is now live-streamed, uploaded, shared on social and paired with high-resolution imagery. We expect to be excellent in modernizing how local government does its work.

We have undertaken a number of steps in this direction, namely the redesign of our borough website and recently beginning the development of a native 311 application that any resident can download and use to report issues they see in our community. Our next hire can and should push the envelope on what new forms of public engagement we can adopt and perfect upon.


Our municipality has exercised responsible financial management for decades. With a AA bond rating and financial controls in place, we look forward to our new manager building upon our financial stewardship in smart ways.

Our annual budget of around $6MM is spread across multiple funds, including General, Capital, Sanitary, and other purpose-driven designations. Candidates should have a strong mastery of multi-year budgeting, common-sense financial management, and the ability to forecast into future years using software tools.


The vibrancy of our neighborhood is what makes us special to our constituents. The Borough is proud to partner with community organizations to host many programs throughout the year, including mainstreet events, stream cleanups, Community Day, Carnival at our fire department, and other great events.

From the Keystone Oaks PFO to our wonderful Library to our neighborhood religious groups, we have a wealth of contributors to our programming. Our residents and businesses stand to gain when we create opportunities to market and deliver value to visitors, and we can still do so much more.

Apply Today

If these details excite you, we would love to speak with you. Click below to be in touch with our recruitment team at The Bradley Partnerships, and explore the links below to our borough website, social media, and other useful information about Castle Shannon.

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